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A Premier Numismatic Service Rare Coins of Florida is Florida’s most trusted resource for professional coin dealers and numismatic service. The team of professional numismatic experts at Rare Coins of Florida are passionate about a wide range of investment grade assets and assistance for clients with help for everything from appraisal and certification ... Read More
The Cabana Club Key Colony Beach


Relax in the Florida Keys Sun at the Cabana Club The Cabana Club is a private swim club located on the ocean in the City of Key Colony Beach in the beautiful Florida Keys. Located “IN THE HEART OF THE FLORIDA KEYS“, the Cabana Club is a “Membership Only” swim club catering to ... Read More
February 15, 2015Not Fade Away Marketing


Making Classical Music Accessible in the Florida Keys The Florida Keys Concert Association is the premier classical music foundation and organization in the Florida Keys. For over 45 years, the Florida Keys Concerts have been bringing top of the line Classical Music Concerts to the populous of the Florida Keys with ... Read More
January 15, 2015Not Fade Away Marketing
Keys Beer & Bubbly Fest


The Keys' favorite Craft Beer, Wine & Bubbly Festival! The Islands of Marathon, in the Florida Keys,  proudly sponsor the Keys Beer and Bubbly Festival. Held annually in the tropical paradise of Marathon, in the heart of the Florida Keys, this festival of great drink, stellar food and jamming live music ... Read More
October 15, 2014Not Fade Away Marketing
Aquarium Encounters Homepage


Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters - A truly interactive aquarium experience. Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is the result of over 30 years of passionate work with a multitude of fish species local to the Florida Keys and Caribbean Sea. The founders of Aquarium Encounters are industry leaders in the field of capture, transport and ... Read More
Getix Health


Revenue Cycle Management The billing and collection cycle for hospitals and healthcare organizations is costly, fragmented, labor-intensive and under intense scrutiny by both patients and the public. Hospitals typically leave 10 to 20 percent of their revenues on the table due to uncollected patient bills and reimbursements. GetixHealth is a comprehensive healthcare ... Read More


Leading the way into a Healthier 21st Century If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle (and why wouldn't you be!), chances are that you have heard of Author Marilyn Diamond. Mrs. Diamond ignited a revolution in conscious healthy lifestyle and diet choices with her book Fit For Life in the mid ... Read More


A Surfing Savant – Clay Marzo If you are a fan of surfing, chances are that you have heard of Maui-grown professional surfer Clay Marzo. As one of the leading progressive free-surfers on the planet, Clay is famous for making even the most spectacular waves his own personal playground. Clay burst onto ... Read More
Content Engagement


Understanding Website Content At Not Fade Away Web Design our experiences with a variety of customers has taught us that one of the most misunderstood components of developing a high quality website and professional online presence relates directly to website content. Content is most accurately described as the myriad of formats of ... Read More


Does your website need a facelift to bring it into the new decade? At Not Fade Away Web Design of Boca Raton, we are consistently approached by individuals who are in need of major restructuring on company websites to better market and promote a business, product or service. Recently, we undertook a ... Read More