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ave a new product offering? Looking for immediate traffic from interested web visitors? With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) via Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) , online businesses pay for interested web traffic on a click by click basis from visitors who are actively searching for exactly what your business offers.

With today’s Pay-per-click advertising, small business owners can reach visitors on top-ranked search engine pages for instant web traffic. This style of advertising lends itself well for new campaigns, services, and products that are in need of an instant boost of traffic. The downside of course is that every visitor comes with an attached cost of acquisition.

PPC Advertising Management is much more than simply turning on your ads and getting traffic delivered to your site. For a PPC ad campaign to be successful, or even compete against other competitors in your niche or industry, advertising campaigns must be carefully planned, monitored and tested on an on-going basis.

Our team of Pay-per-click Advertising specialists can help your business effectively plan, configure and manage on-going Adwords campaigns to help attract interested visitors to your website.

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Keyword Analysis optimizes your Pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


The first step in any PPC campaign is the analysis of your company’s unique industry and niche related keywords. Keyword analysis provides the insight that allows for the effective distribution of your PPC advertising campaigns on different online networks and helps our strategists come up with an effective plan of action with respect to keyword related advertising.



The setup and configuration of an efficient PPC advertising campaign requires attention to the details and unique specifics of your company’s exclusive products and services. Our professionals can assist with the setup of PPC advertising accounts, campaigns and quality, keyword-rich ad copy for your display ads. Explain your unique business and what you are trying to accomplish online with PPC advertising and let our team take over with creative, out of the box strategies to expand your reach online.

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PPC Advertising increases its efficiency with the on-going customization of ad copy, settings and keyword variables. At Not Fade Away Marketing, our PPC specialists are passionate about helping your company advertising account attain its maximum efficiency. Learn how our team can help you better maximize your online PPC advertising potential today.



Are you reaching customers who have visited your website in the past? With modern remarketing, you can reach prospective leads by catering ads directly to internet users who have already visited your site in previous internet sessions. This can be an effective strategy for companies to target interested visitors with new specials, discounts or deals.

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Are you advertising to your return visitors? Take advantage of targeted remarketing campaigns with pay-per-click advertising.

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hether you are searching for a new or updated Web Presence, SEO or Paid Acquisition for increased traffic and exposure, our friendly team is ready to help make your online dreams a reality with creative, effective online marketing solutions. Not sure where you or your business should start online? Let the experienced professionals at Not Fade Away Marketing help you create a plan of online action to maximize your brand exposure and reach online!

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